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As part of a mini sports hub which includes a stadium, a tennis center and a sports hall, Bedok Swimming Complex is nestled right beside the three, providing easy access for active sportsmen or sportswomen training in multiple disciplines. Of course, the general public can make use of the ideal location to perhaps have a relaxing cool-down after a run at the nearby stadium. Facilities include a Competition pool, a Teaching pool, a Wading pool and a Learners’ pool. Ample parking space is available with 405 lots for four-wheeled vehicles.

Want to learn swimming at Bedok Swimming Pool?

kid swimming classes

Children Swimming Classes
– Is your child between 5 to 12 years old? Sign up children swimming class for you child because learning to swim can be one of the most rewarding childhood experiences


adult swimming classes

Adult Swimming Classes
– Age is not a barrier for having swimming lessons! It is never too late to learn swimming. Our certified swimming coach will provide the best training for you to develop your swimming strokes

lady swimming lessons

Lady Swimming Lesson
– Wants to learn swimming from a lady swimming coach? Here is the best choice for you to develop swimming skills. Sign up swimming lessons with us today