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How to maximize your butterfly forward speed

When swimming in contests or competitions, it’s a good idea to increase your speed in order to win more races and to be much more efficient. This also applies to the butterfly style. Although perfecting it is a tough job, you will need also want to focus on what you do and when you […]

How to swim the butterfly

Swimming is a great sport that many enjoy whether they are young or old. It is composed of several basic movements and styles and the one that you can achieve with the most difficulty is called the butterfly stroke. Simultaneous and synchronized gestures are needed in order to achieve the perfect form. In this […]

About Breaststroke

When first learning how to swim, many types or variations of certain movements are present. We learn the basics first of all: how to move your arms , breathe in the water and kick. Afterwards, we can move on to more complex things. One of them is called the breaststroke,  a swimming style that […]

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Butterfly Swimming Stroke

Many of us use hobbies to relax or compete with friends . You can do so with swimming. It is a great activity that anyone can enjoy whether you are old , young or middle aged , but it’s not for people who are drunk though! We don’t want to see someone drown on […]

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Baby Swimming Lessons are the Best Choise for Infant

Swimming lesson is one of the first organized, educational activities you can do with an infant