sengkang swimming pool

The newest swimming complex to join the list of swimming facilities here in Singapore is the Sengkang Swimming Complex, which was opened only on 1st August 2008. It is part of a sports hub, which includes a sports complex just beside it. It is equipped with the latest state of the art swimming facilities and is the only pool in Singapore that features covered pool. Hence its popularity among children and adults alike no matter what activity they choose to partake, making it an ideal family outing destination. It is suitable for swimming lessons as well, be it for beginners’ or advanced swimmers. Facilities include a Competition Pool, 2 Teaching Pools, a Fun Pool and a Jacuzzi.

Want to learn swimming at Sengkang Swimming Pool?

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Children Swimming Classes
– Is your child between 5 to 12 years old? Sign up children swimming class for you child because learning to swim can be one of the most rewarding childhood experiences


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Adult Swimming Classes
– Age is not a barrier for having swimming lessons! It is never too late to learn swimming. Our certified swimming coach will provide the best training for you to develop your swimming strokes

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