Many of us use hobbies to relax or compete with friends . You can do so with swimming. It is a great activity that anyone can enjoy whether you are old , young or middle aged , but it’s not for people who are drunk though! We don’t want to see someone drown on our watch . One of the most advanced techniques in swimming and most likely the hardest is the butterfly stroke. In this article , we will give you an introduction to this style .

The butterfly is a swimming movement where we are on our breast and both of our arms are moving at the exact same time. The kicking motion is done separately and most also call it the “dolphin kick”. It requires a lot of expertise and many find it too difficult to properly utilize it , but the rewards are great since it is one of the most amusing style there is.

When doing the butterfly stroke, you will feel some sort of short burst of speed or energy . It happens when you pull with both arms simultaneously. Its top speed is much faster than the front crawl’s but, in general, it is slower than the freestyle form. Why? Because after the shot of velocity, there is a certain downtime where you simply glide and/or kick with your feet that are joined together.

The butterfly is considered the MOST difficult swimming style of all the different types there is. If you fail to have a proper technique and motion, you can expect to be easily lapped by all the other swimmers. The importance of these aspects is vital if you want to perform your very best.

The butterfly is a swimming stroke that require timing , synchronic movements and a great technique and , above all, a lot of practice.