When swimming in contests or competitions, it’s a good idea to increase your speed in order to win more races and to be much more efficient. This also applies to the butterfly style. Although perfecting it is a tough job, you will need also want to focus on what you do and when you do it in order to achieve and top speed as often as possible. In this article, you will read a few tips on how to maximize your butterfly forward speed.

First, make sure you got the kicking motion down. Use a board and try to kick while maintaining your legs together. Once you get used to this exercise, do the same but by keeping a streamline position. Pop your head out to breathe and to stay underwater for at least 2 motions.

Second, practice your arms thoroughly. Soar your upper limbs as soon as possible and make them dive while making sure that your head moves along with your body. Check to see if you breathe properly every time you want to do so.

Third, combine both your arms and legs and see that everything is perfectly synchronized because if it isn’t, you will be considerably slower. You have to make sure that everything is free of errors or mishaps.

By following these tips, you will definitely go faster with your butterfly style. You can also decide to breathe at every X number of strokes. Each and every time you make your head surface, you create water resistance so learn to inhale air less frequently and more effectively. To get everything down, you have to practice, practice and practice because the butterfly is one of the hardest swimming techniques to master.