Swimming is a great sport that many enjoy whether they are young or old. It is composed of several basic movements and styles and the one that you can achieve with the most difficulty is called the butterfly stroke. Simultaneous and synchronized gestures are needed in order to achieve the perfect form. In this article, you will read on how to properly swim the butterfly.

First, you need to keep your legs straight and together as if they were attached by some invisible rope by your angles. During the whole motion, you need to keep them like that. Do not separate as if you’re life depended on it.

Second, straighten and place your arms in a streamline position. Make sure you are perfectly straight. These two steps will be your starting point and gliding one.

Third, pull your upper limbs at the exact time underwater while doing a large kicking motion similar to a dolphin. Then, you will move your head onto the surface and breathe while both of your arms soar from the aquatic body and plunge simultaneously in front of you. You should be momentarily gliding in a streamline position. If you want, you can do a small kicking motion with both of your legs joined together but, this time, without the use of any other body part.

When swimming the butterfly stroke, one of the most difficult swimming methods out there, try to make your head move along with the movements of your body so it flows better. Remember that a lot of practice is needed to perfect the butterfly, but following the steps above should get you started. You have to be precise, rigorous and have a good timing or you might screw up the whole process.